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Childhood Lessons: What's a Stick Shift?

S1:E5 - An Uber passenger's reaction to a near-collision compels me to reminisce on my childhood driving lessons, where my Dad taught me lessons on everything from driving a stick shift, to silently communicating with truckers, to lying to the State Patrol.

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H Stands For: Holy Hell, Is That a Shark?

S1:E4 Do we ever really miss the boat? What makes a goal worthy of our time, investment and effort? Join me as I contemplate drilling holes into my only surfboard, struggle to decide if I'm staring at a dolphin fin or a shark fin, and explain what the H REALLY stands for in this episode. Listen to or follow John Salazar's podcast: They Live Here's the link: https://anchor.fm/sdkook

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G-FOOL - How to Gracefully Fall Out Of Love

S1:E3 - Calling it quits after 31 years of marriage! How do you gracefully exit a relationship that has lasted longer than it was meant to? This episode takes a personal look into my life and the challenges of showing GRACE, when all I really wanted to do was eat ice cream!

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Is It a Chicken-Giraffe? Or Is It a Dragon? You Decide!

S1:E2 - Why do I have to be depressed before I will start painting? The struggle is REAL! On this episode I will discuss my pathetic attempt at painting a dragon, while dropping a few f-bombs and debating whether or not depression makes for good art!

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FHAM - Living a Life of Purpose

S1:E1 - Embrace Your Passions...Become Brilliant AF! Giving back to the world creates balance, manifests abundance, encourages growth, and heals us all. How I am using my passions to get in touch with my highest energy and balance universal karma.

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