Becoming Brilliant AF

S2:E5 - There is a constant voice in our heads that prioritizes our accomplishments and our failures. It continually categorizes what we are, and are not, capable of.

This is a podcast about confronting that voice.

We apply our mantra: "FIND YOUR FOCUS. PROCEED WITH PURPOSE" and accept our own challenge to Become Brilliant AF.  Join us on our journey as we give ourselves a one-year deadline to get the FHAM Food Program up and running. 

It sounds easy enough, but the struggle is real. We test our 7R Method:

Reverse our thought process.

Review our life, thus far.

Revisit old dreams, ideas, passions.

Reconsider our needs.

Revise our priorities.

Redefine our goals.

Rearrange our lives.

Episodes are peppered with humor, courage, raw-honest and a few f-bombs. More at: or