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The Locked Pantry Door - A Mother's Day Special

S2:E3 - "Alone time" is the theme of this podcast. Mother's everywhere are looking for it. They need it, crave it, but find very little of it. Check out the unique way that my Mother found her alone time, on this special Mother's Day episode. https://linktr.ee/fham www.unrehearseduniverse.com

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Friendships - circa 1972

S2:E2 - Inspired by a postcard written in 1972 by my paternal grandparents to my maternal grandparents, I had to ponder the different types of friendships in our world today. Their postcard of Glenwood Canyon also inspired my 16"X20" pastel painting. View all of my paintings or listen to different episodes at this link: https://linktr.ee/fham

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So This is What Failure Looks Like

S1E12: "How to Fail Early and Cheaply" read the headline. Was I there? After having my car repossessed and losing my replacement vehicle, I'm getting pretty good at this FAILURE stuff! Yay! Go me! 2020 sure has been fun..... As I wrap up Season 1 of the FHAM Podcast, I try to look at things through a different perspective. With the help of Jocko's Motivation podcast and the Hanged Man of Tarot, I realize I am WINNING in other areas of this crazy year! Check out some of my positive stuff here: https://linktr.ee/fham

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