Losing My Mind, While Finding My Soul

🎹 Losing My Mind, While Finding My Soul🎵

Re-learning how to read and play music, after a 40 year hiatus.

by CC | August 14, 2020

Have you ever wanted to learn something, but felt like you were too old, or you had just missed the opportunity to accomplish it? Let me enlighten you! It is NEVER too late! I have read article upon article of the older generation making history for themselves with amazing accomplishments. 

Case in point: I am 56 years old that has not read sheet music or played an instrument for 40 years. I have always loved music, but I allowed time to get away from me; trying to be everything, to everyone. I was a child-rearing, team-player, business-running machine that shoved all of MY desires deep down, so that I could concentrate on the life I had crafted for myself. Not such a great idea. Take if from me, YOUR desires matter!

I just recently purchase a keyboard and decided I was NOT too old to relearn this art. But times have changed drastically from the old plug-in keyboard piano that I played when I was a young child. Welcome to the Technological Revolution!

I was a giddy as a kid in an ice cream shop when it finally arrived! I quickly set it up and started downloading the software. I was just expecting to hit a key and sweet music would come out. 

(to be continued....)