What is FHAM?

The year 2020 has presented some serious obstacles for our FHAM mission! Part of our mission requires physical contact with other humans! We are working our way around this obstacle by producing our FHAM podcast. You can TUNE IN to catch the latest episodes.

Continuing to Find our Focus and Proceed with Purpose, we have created some cool events and free giveaways for the remainder of the year. Check out our EVENTS page for the details.

We encourage you to check out these videos summarizing the FHAM mission. If you can relate to any of the groups of people FHAM is reaching out to, SUBSCRIBE to our site so we can keep you updated on all this Floristic, Holistic, Artistic and Mystic!

While we're under quarantine, you can FOLLOW US on our social media! Surely we will be able to leave our house soon, right?